Safety Tips

Be SMART when meeting people online! Review the following tips for safety:

1) Take your time! Don't rush to meet someone until you've spent time online getting to know them. Upgrade to the VIP status on joemeetsjane so you can video chat with someone before meeting in person. Video chat will really help you get a feel for that person and whether or not you are comfortable meeting them in real life!

2) Keep it PUBLIC. When you decide to meet someone in person, make sure you meet in a public place. Don't give anyone your home address or tell them where you work. Meet your date at a busy public place, and make sure you tell a friend or family member where you'll be and who you are meeting. Intimate dates and home pick-ups can come later once you know you can trust each other.

3) Do not use your last name on your dating profile. You can use your first name, but avoid using your last name in your profile information or as part of your email address. This prevents people from researching you online and finding your exact location.

4) Do not add your specific home address to your profile. List your location based on your zip code or city and state. This will allow other users to find you from nearby areas, but it does not provide them with your specific location which protects your privacy.

5) Create a generic email account to use for your dating profile. Keep your personal life separate from your dating account information for added privacy by utilizing a different email address for your dating profile.

6) Do not share your phone number with anyone on the dating site. Our dating site provides instant messaging and video chat services on our servers, so you can get to know someone without sharing your personal contact information with them.

7) Trust your gut. If something just feels “off,” then it probably is! You can cancel a date or stop talking to someone if you get a feeling that something just isn’t right.

8) Be kind. Ultimately, everyone is here looking for someone to date. No one likes rejection, but it is part of the dating game. Be kind in your words when you don’t feel someone is right for you. Being kind to someone else will help them handle the rejection better and hopefully they won’t get angry with you.

9) Make it a group date! If you’re nervous to meet someone alone for the first time, recommend a setting where you can be in a group with other people you know. It helps to have a few close friends with you to make you more comfortable.

10) Report bullies and sexual advances. If someone has made threats against you on our site, please report that person to the admin. If they are making unwanted sexual advances, that violates our terms of use and they should be reported. You are here to meet someone new, and we want to make this a safe environment for everyone.

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